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Reviewed on May 05, 2020
For this price point, they put the quality into where it matters.

I have bought a few mattresses in my day, but nonebased just on Amazon reviews.As usually turns out, the reviews appear to be accurate.The mattress top is what I wanted, with a cashmere cover and natural latex padding.The smell lingered to the point that we were not able to sleep on it for the first several nights.This is a one-sided mattress, so be prepared to flip it from the direction it naturally rolls out into, but after that, rotate periodically.Firmness is just about right, a bit extra stuff, so we can add an organic cotton topper to make it nice and cozy.The sides and bottom are nothing to write home about, but it is the top that matters!For this price point, they put the quality where it matters.Air it out and all is well.