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There is something awesome I must share with youI'm not an enthusiast of writing reviews of whatever product or service I get but this time round, there is something awesome I must share with you. It's now a couple of months since an old campus friend of mine recommended a mattress that I had never used before. She knew me as someone who loved to relax on the bed during my free times hence the need for a"paradise"upon my body. What I would like to share with you is the ultimate experience am having with it. Unlike ordinary ones I used before that never meet my needs; this Sunrising Bedding Ultimate Comfort 12 Inch Memory Foam is different. Why?Perfect BounceAs I stated above, am a person who loves to spend my free time in the bed to kick away that stress. Sometime it could get boring in the past because what I was sleeping on wasn't gentle on my body. It could easily get me on the floor due to its forceful bouncing back characteristics. After purchasing this one, it's like sleeping on a surface that understands that your body needs to be handled like an egg. It bounces so softly that you will love to stay there all day and night long since all undesired shocks are negligible. The other thing to mention about the bouncing aspect of this mattress is that it doesn't affect the entire surface. It will just be upon you and the person sleeping next to you won't be disturbed.You Can Turn As Many Times as You WantHave you ever experienced a situation whereby you have to look for that specific sleeping position for you to be comfortable? Well, you must have and it can be worse when you are having a partner. With this foam, that should be a thing of the past because am comfortable no matter which position I choose to sleep on. The appearance of my partner on the same bed does hinder nothing because we can always turn to any angle with maximum comfort in place.My Health My ChoiceManufacturers of most mattresses are known to use different materials in its design and some of them may not be good for your health. I mind a lot about my health and this doesn't just stop on my diet but also other stuff that I'm using and this isn't an exemption. When I buy any product, I will make sure that it has been approved and the good thing is that this one is for me. This foam is CertiPUR-US Certified meaning that am free from toxins that can cause allergies. Heavy metals are not found in this foam after being certified hence am less susceptible to life threatening diseases like cancer.Do you want to sleep as cool as me? This gentle foam that gives your body a tender touch is there for you. I have tried the Sunrising Bedding Ultimate Comfort 12 Inch Memory Foam and I can actually attest that it's the best deal for everyone. That's from me to you!