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Is there a problem if you sleep on it when it's not completely unfolded?

asked by Anonymous
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  1. super bed,love it
  2. As I understand the product information, ?after un-doing the plastic wrap the mattress will un-fold itself. Then being placed flat on the bed or floor it should be allowed to “breathe” for up to 24 hours to achive full form and to air itself out from any odor caused as a part of its tight shipping process. I discerned no odor. I opened it up one evening and slept on it the next. It is definitely a firm mattress which is exactly what I wanted and needed for my back. ?So far I have found the quality and comfort of the matress totally meets my satisfaction. If I were rating this mattress considering price, workmanship, and firm comfort, i would give it 5 stars as a Best Value.
  3. There might be a problem if not completely unfolded, I would think that wouldn’t be comfortable at all.....on the other hand, It takes a few days to ‘inflate’ or ‘puff up’ completely, but after the first 8 hours, my daughter slept on it and it was fine.
  4. I did not see anything saying that you should wait until it's totally back to its original form and I was surprised about that. I still waited 24hrs just to be sure. But it did have its normal shape really quickly after unfolded (30min-1h).