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Customer Questions & Answers

  1. ACashmere is a rare and expensive fiber obtained from neck hair and belly hair of Cashmere goats that live 15000 feet above sea level. It is finer and softer than sheep's wool. Cashmere is finer, stronger, lighter, softer, and approximately three times more insulating than sheep wool. Pure cashmere is dyed and spun into yarns and woven into fabrics then cut and assembled into the mattress cover.
  2. AThank you for your question.
    Sorry, Sunrising Bedding didn't register for the spring brand. And we don't name it. The spring inside Sunrising Bedding is made meet the highest standard. The cover of this mattress is not removable.

    Have a nice day !

    Sunrising Bedding Team
  3. AThis bed is qualified for amorous activities. ?As a innerspring mattress, it has a strong bounce. You will love it.
  4. AHi There,
    Thank you for your question.
    Our 10 inch is a hybrid made of latex, memory foam and individually pocketed coils. So yes, there is polyurethane in this mattress. Anything else we can help, please let us know.
    Best Regard
  5. AYes. It can stay for as long as 6 months in the box. We've tested for you in our warehouse. It won't cause any damage to the mattress and won't affect actual use.
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    sunrising bedding
  6. ANo. they are steel coils wrapped in non-woven fabrics.
  7. AThank you for your question.
    We would recommend you put the mattress on a bedding for durability's sake, but it is also ok without using a bedding.
    Anything else we can help, please let us know.
  8. ASunrising bedding is high density fiber fireproof lining without adding chemical flame retardants and through Texas 1633 CFR certification, each mattress of sunrising bedding collocates ?law label . The high density fibers are also used in body armor lining.
  9. AThe mattress you ordered is covered by free shipping and return, so you don’t have pay for it. If you decided to return your Sunrising Bedding mattress, choose the Heavy-Bulky return options handled by a specialty carrier team from the Online Returns Center. Inform them the item you bought is a mattress, and they will pick it up from your house. Then you just wait for the money back. That’s it!