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10 Smart Features Of Amazon For Convenient Online Shopping

smart amazon

Amazon is the top rated online shop that sells a wide range of products and allows purchase by a single click. Shopping on Amazon has been made convenient by the adoption of smart features that make online shopping easy and fast. Moreover, shipping of orders is just within a very short time. Using these 10 smart features of Amazon for convenient online shopping is not strenuous and saves you stress.

Amazon Echo

1. Amazon Echo

Echo allows you to place an order and track it on the delivery notifications. Shopping on Amazon via Amazon echo is secure enough as it allows you set up a 4-digit voice online shopping pin. Still haven’t bought an item before? You will get a recommendation on Amazon’s Choice products. These products are highly rated and well-priced. If you need to order the best mattress Echo could recommend Amazon’s Choice for bedding as Sunrising Bedding 8 inch innerspring latex hybrid mattress and ask you if you would like to purchase it. Respond by saying yes if you would like to buy it and you will get a confirmation that it is on its way.

Amazon button

2. Amazon button

The dash button allows you to order for products within the push of a button. Make work simpler by sticking one on your home washing machine. In case you run out of detergent or bleach, press the button and order more. Exhausted your kitchen supplies, salt, spices, or sugar? Simply press a button. The dash button device runs on AA batteries and an active circuit board. The microchips connect to the internet via your WI-FI and deliver messages instantly-your orders.

Dash buttons for over hundred products have been created by Amazon. The range of diapers, snacks, detergent, kitchen stuff to paper towels is unbelievable. For you to easily use the dash buttons you must be a member of Amazon Prime. Fortunately, shipping takes two days and at no cost.


3.Amazon prime pantry

Though a paid service, it is among the 10 smart features of Amazon for convenient online shopping. Its members are more advantages than common shoppers. Among the privileges are a free two-day shipping or same day shipping, access to the prime pantry where you can order pet care and household items at lower prices. Order pet food and pantry items via Amazon prime and get your package within the shortest time. Delivery fee for your prime pantry box is at a flat rate of $5.99 for each box.
Amazon prime now

4. Amazon prime now

Some deliveries on prime now items are done within an hour in selected cities. Prime now allows for its customers to order wine, beer, spirits, liquor and any alcohol of your choice for you to take the weekend down with your friends and family. For instance, in New York City you can get deliveries from Union Square Wines, Westside market, Los Angeles and Vintage Grape.
Amazon Mechanical Turk

5. Amazon Mechanical Turk

The Amazon Mechanical Turk allows its users to access an on-demand workforce for small tasks that need to be done. This is in some way among the quickest and easiest online labor you can get if you need your work quickly executed. Some tasks you can get done by the online workforce are finding photos of specified firms or real estate agents or copying a selected text from a business card or transcription of audios and videos. In this way, someone will do this and get paid for their efforts.
Amazon Locker

6. Amazon Locker

Personal packages shopped on Amazon need to reach you with immediate effect. What if you are at work the whole day and don’t want your package to be delivered at your workplace? Worry not for Amazon Locker is a 24-hour service that allows you to go and pick your package. What you need is to enter a code emailed or texted to you before you get it. Amazon Locker values your privacy.
Amazon Flow

7. Amazon Flow

Amazon has gone a notch higher to make online shopping on its site convenient. Amazon Flow allows you to take pictures of products you intend to buy on your smartphone and add them to your Amazon shopping list. This is rather seamless. The app integrates with the Amazon iPhone app. There is no need to type ling product titles or scan bar codes. Simply use the photo taken on your Amazon Flow.
Amazon Kindle

8. Amazon Kindle

Authors publish their books on Amazon’s Kindle for direct publishing at no cost. After publishing, you can set any amount as the price for your book. Once buyers begin making a purchase, Amazon keeps 30% of all the gains. So book lovers can purchase novels, whitepapers and other literature pieces with ease on Amazon. Forget the old rusty smelling libraries in the city. The Kindle family library allows you to share content with family and friends. This free service allows users to share movies, apps, and books with only one adult and a maximum of three child accounts.
Amazon prime early access

9. Amazon prime early access

Your house doesn’t need to be dim or dull with old-fashioned lights. Amazon Prime Early Access allows prime account owners to get a 30- minutes early accessibility to the best lighting deals on Amazon. From disco lights for your indoor parties to beautiful and classy chandeliers for your living room and garden or garage lights. You are notified too of new events to look out for on MyHabit.com.
Amazon Go

10. Amazon Go

You need not yawn because of hunger pangs. Amazon Go offers its users hearty ready to eat meals and snacks artistically prepared by Amazon’s skilled chefs. From breakfast to lunch and dinner. Order and have meals instantly delivered. The groceries in stock include milk, cheese, chocolates that are locally made and bread. Besides ordering ready meals or snacks, you can pick up the famous Amazon meal kits that come with local ingredients that you will need to prepare your meal that serves two in only half an hour.

Shopping shouldn’t give you a migraine anymore. The 10 smart features of Amazon for convenient online shopping are of assistance to you. With easy ordering steps, place an order of what you intend to purchase. Sit back and wait for delivery within an hour, a day or two depending on your location.

Happy Online Shopping!