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Rated5 out of 5
Reviewed on Nov 23, 2017
Absolutely WONDERFUL!

I'd like to start off by saying that I've tried several different mattresses that cost way more and haven't been able to sleep nearly as well on any of them as I have been able to on this one. This mattress is AWESOME! It even beats out an air mattress that I finally settled on that wasn't long enough for me. I have lower back and hip problems, and this mattress is firm enough to provide proper support and yet soft enough to allow me to fall asleep quickly, and I'm able to sleep all night. What a relief that has been!The mattress arrived way faster that I anticipated and was very well packaged. Zipped open the poly wrapping (make sure you do this "in place") and it unrolled and popped out to full size in just a few seconds. Directions say to let it rest for 12 hours before using it, but I only let it rest about 5 hours and slept on it that night. Got the first good night's sleep I had experienced in quite a while! I've been sleeping on it now for over a month and have slept well the entire time.Thank you Sunrising Bedding! Great product for a fantastic price!