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Incredibly comfy mattress! Worth every penny!

Incredibly comfy mattress - It arrived in great shape and wasn't too bulky or heavy for one person to deal with. I tested the mattress after giving it time (a few hours) to plump itself naturally to its 12 inch height (it arrived vacuumed- sealed to allow for more compact packaging). I also left it fully open for a few days in the room so that any slight odor (which I read might appear and would gradually dissipate) would be gone by the time I wanted to test it for comfort and support. I never noticed any any odor, (and I am very sensitive and allergic to many scents) . I tested it out on the floor and it was very supportive and I should mention I weigh 220 pounds! First of all let me just say it is super comfortable with the memory foam top layer, I was intending to originally make my own from Raw materials but I could not have done as good a job making it comfortable. I am so glad I found this mattress it was perfect for my needs. I would not hesitate to order another one for use in my guest room, it is a very well-made product that is super comfortable, portable and stores in a small space and the price was certainly worth every penny!