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Reviewed on Nov 13, 2017
Just those two alone make this an easy 5 star purchase.

When it first arrived all rolled up in an air-tight bag within a bag within a box, we were very skeptical.?But as I removed the plastic, and starting the tape, it started expanding. By the way, be very careful as you cut the tape because the mattress is basically vacuum sealed so the tape is VERY taut. In about 5 minutes, it was full size. Pretty neat packaging. Arrived ahead of time and in perfect condition.?It's medium firm?and comfortable, which we like. We had a memory foam mattress previously, and it was extremely comfy, but that was also the setback; it would knock me out and make it extremely difficult to wake up. Even after I did wake up, I felt really tired! But with this bed, I don't feel that. I feel refreshed! I'm happy I made the move away from memory foam, but also that I got this purchase for so cheap! Considering how it got here (small in size), and it's really comfortable, just those two alone make this an easy 5 star purchase.