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Reviewed on Jan 05, 2020
The best night's sleep in years!

After having researched primarily Memory Foam and pure Latex mattress's to death for the past several months and always ending up with mattress's that averaged $2,000.00 dollars or more I came across this Sunrising hybrid pure latex and coil King mattress for $533.00 on Amazon.I have to admit at first I was skeptical, as I mentioned I had researched these to death as well as visited several mattress stores in my quest for a good quality mattress that would fit the needs of my wife and I.We are both larger than average, I am 6'2"240 lbs and she is 5' 8"180 lbs, I am a side sleeper and she is a back/side sleeper.Back to at first skeptical, I started reading the reviews and everyone praised this mattress, swore by this mattress and would definitely buy again!At $533.00 I figured it was a no-brainer, if it turned out not to be as everyone described or we weren't satisfied I wouldn't be out a large sum of money.I decided to throw caution to the wind and order a mattress sight unseen!It was one of the best decisions I've ever made, we have had the mattress for just over a month and couldn't be happier.I hired my next door neighbors two 20 something sons to carry it upstairs and set it up, it's not light, I believe the packaging stated 185 lbs but it felt heavier.When they unrolled it from it's packaging it sprang to life nearly 90% inflated, although the instructions mentioned allowing it to rise for up to 12 hours it wasn't needed.two hours after unpacking it was ready for sheets and comforter!Setting on the edge I was amazed at the firmness, lying down it comforts and contours to your body without feeling that you are sinking into the bed.Whenever I shift sides I no longer wake up my wife or either of our two Golden Retrievers who share the bed with us.Of all the benefits I have mentioned the most amazing is how my wife's snoring has gone from long haul trucker to nearly none!That alone makes this bed worth twice the price, If I had to replace this bed ever 4-5 years I wouldn't hesitate for how restful we sleep and how refreshed we awake!Only time will tell how well it stands up to the test of time.Well, better close for now, I think I hear the Sandman calling.