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Sunrising Bedding $1500 Scholarship

Sunrising bedding $1500 Scholarship

We Care about The Well-being of You And Society


As a social group, we do care about our society. Besides providing mattresses that do good to the health of individual and environment, we keep paying attention to people's well-being, which is a crucial factor for social development. We believe that education may be the best way to pursue your ambition, as well as that of our community. That' why we are interested in awarding college students a $ 1,500 scholarship to relief their financial burden.


The Requirements


Student who is currently attending an accredited college or admitted by an accredited college.


Whose GPA was ranked top 30% in his or her major.


Who obtained a high school diploma already or in the process of the completion of high school diploma at time of application.


The Application Process


Please use the form we offer below to submit your background information and write about 400 words to tell us how this scholarship will make a difference to your college life.


Please submit any document or its copy that can verify that you meet the requirements above, such as the diploma's copy, GPA verification and so on.


The e-mail you will submit the material to: customerservice@sunrisingbed.com


Sunrising Bedding Scholarship Application Form Download



How The Result Comes Out


The review process will be divided into two stages:


The first one is qualification review, through this process, the panel will filter out the applications those don’t meet the requirements according to the form and copies attached.


Then it comes to the second round , in this round every member of the board will read all the remain statements, and select three from them to do the vote. The winner will be the one who obtain the most votes. If there are statements gaining the same number of votes, the chief of the panel has the final decision.


The review panel consists of one supervisor of SEO and two editors, the former will be the chief reviewer. And the result will be announced before November 30, 2018.


The Deadline


We will only review the applications submitted before October 25, 2018.


Note: These rules are subject to change.


If you have any additional questions


Please email customerservice@sunrisingbed.com